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  • J1CK and j1ck.tweet on TV and publicly presented


    Posted November 6th 2009 under Uncategorized

    — by Jon

    It’s been an exciting week. We’re almost there with j1ck.tweet 1.0, and we’ve had some media coverage that is always rewarding.

    We were interviewed for NickDutNik, a show from Basque TV station ETB3 which treats Internet initiatives in the Basque country. The interview was aired on Wednesday (Nov. 4th, 2009), and here it is embedded for your viewing pleasure. Most of it is in “euskera” (the Basque language), although some parts are in Spanish with Basque subtitles. At least, you will be able to meet our team and get a glimpse of our working environment.

    (link to the source page)

    You can see all other shows they’ve aired on their main page. Thanks to ETB3, Factoria Crossmedia, Arantza and Sara, and congrats on a great job with the local Internet and start-up scene!

    Apart from this, we presented J1CK and j1ck.tweet at a local “Beers & Blogs”-like event. The official name is “BBTGasteiz”, from “Beers, Blogs and Tweets in Gasteiz” (Gasteiz being the Basque name of our town). It was a lot of fun, we demonstrated j1ck.tweet and other internal prototypes, and gathered interesting feedback from attendees. We honored the name of the event with the tweets and beers during the event, and now we’re blogging about it to give it its full name. Here is a picture tweeted during the event:


    Thanks to @logela and @maripuchi for organizing the event and inviting us to present. And thanks to everyone for attending! Watch out for #bbtgasteiz for any related news.

    And we look forward to presenting at other events in the coming months!

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