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j1ck.tweet 1.0 for java mobiles is out now!


Posted December 10th 2009 under Uncategorized

— by Jon

And at long last, we are happy to announce version 1.0 of j1ck.tweet, our Twitter client application for Java phones! Here is the official product page:


And here is the address you need to visit on your mobile phone to install the application:


We have fixed all critical problems that were reported for Beta 1. We will address the rest of reports and suggestions in future versions. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback!


Here is a (more or less) complete list of issues we have fixed and areas we have improved:

  • Added “Tweet” to options menu everywhere, so that you can tweet without going back to “Home”
  • Screen rotation properly supported (Nokia 5800, N95, etc…)
  • Fixed issues with non-latin alphabets in retweets and saved searches
  • Better direct-typing support for QWERTY phones in the login screen, uppercase and symbols can be typed now. Also, if you press and hold “#” in this screen, it will bring up a built-in form which should fix any other typing problem
  • Improved touch-support: invisible but larger areas for scrollbars, soft-buttons, etc…
  • Better layout of the log-in form
  • Left/Right now work in list views to move faster than Up/Down
  • Better handling when you cancel a load halfway
  • Better progressive rendering while  a load is in progress
  • Proper tagging of new-style retweets
  • Fixed timestamps in some cases (”1 hour ago”…)
  • Fail whale now shows properly (could disappear quickly in some cases)
  • Improved layout of account options menu on some phones
  • Fixed inserting the reference when doing RT and Reply from other people’s profiles
  • Moved to using port 80, which should fix communication issues with some rare rogue carriers that don’t let you use other ports
  • …and a lot of other improvements which, while minor, should nonetheless help you really enjoy the experience of using j1ck.tweet!

Hope you enjoy it. The current version out there will start notifying the 1.0 update tomorrow (or maybe on Monday), and existing users will just have to follow the link to update. We don’t want to start rolling it out yet until everything’s settled. But if you go to the installation URL above (tw.j1ck.com), the new version should just install on top of your existing one, keep all the accounts info, and get you all the newest features.

Watch out for new announcements here in the next few days. The oven is about to finish several interesting things we’ll publish as soon as they’re ready!


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