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Archive for February, 2010

  • J1CK will be exhibiting in CeBIT next week! (Hanover, Germany)


    Posted February 24th 2010 under Uncategorized

    — by Jon

    CeBIT is probably the most important computer technology trade show in Europe. It takes place in Hannover, Germany, and this year it will be open to the public from March 2 (next Tuesday) to March 7 (next Saturday). We are happy to announce that J1CK Mobile Systems will have a small booth there, and we’ll be available to demo our products and talk to you during the full 5 days (yes, even Saturday when kids are allowed entry to the show floor and we will be tired after four full days of exhibiting work!).

    Our booth is located in Hall 6, Stand J15-5, in a part dedicated to tech companies from Spain.

    Here is the front of the flyer we will be giving out at the show:


    As you see, the model we’re promoting is very clear and simple: we offer to adapt your web service using our technology to generate native apps for the four main platforms, resulting in a great mobile experience similar to the one j1ck.tweet and our mobile Wikipedia client app provide. Our solution gets you a great customized app, and is more than competitive in time and cost with other options out there. Be sure to check with us if you’d like to discuss the details.

    Hope to see you there!

  • j1ck.tweet and the j1ck wikipedia client ready for Blackberry!


    Posted February 4th 2010 under Uncategorized

    — by Jon

    hojarojaFinally, our two flagship apps are available for Blackberry! Here are the URLs at which you can download them (beta1):

    j1ck.tweet: http://tw.j1ck.com/bb/

    J1CK wikipedia client: http://wikipedia.j1ck.com/bb/

    It will work on all Blackberries with OS 4.3 and above. We have tested all known form factors: the old model with the side-wheel, the modern ones with the thumbtrack, Pearl models with a half-QWERTY keyboard, and the touch-screen bold models.

    We’ve been able to implement a good connectivity solution (what a nightmare this is on Blackberry!). On one hand, RIM finally gave us BIS-B approval last Friday — so these apps will go through RIM’s network (and be included in your regular BB browsing plan, so it could be free of any extra cost to you). On the other hand, we finally got our act together and added a quite powerful connectivity settings menu. By default, things are set to Auto, which defaults to the following connection methods tried: WiFi, BIS-B, BES, WAP, TCP/IP. These are tried in order, and the first that works is used. You can override these options and force a single connection method if you prefer.

    This is Beta 1, it should work fine in most cases (as it’s based on all our previous work, and we’ve tested it a lot internally and in closed beta), but I’m sure there will be a lot of glitches. Please send us your feedback, and we will be happy to address the issues for the 1.0 release due very soon!

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