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  • The team is growing, and our to-do list too


    Posted May 7th 2010 under Uncategorized

    — by Jon

    Our presence in CEBIT was a great, and we are following up with several international contacts who are interested in our technology. We have also finished a couple more projects in the meantime. We released a self-care mobile application for a small mobile carrier in Spain recently (see http://www.eroskimovil.es/geomv/c/pub/es/J1CK.html, although it won’t be very useful if you are not one of their customers). We are about to release a couple more products in the next few weeks. Social networks, general information, and mobile customer-care are three important sectors where we are happy to gain some presence. We hope to expand into other major sectors in the near future.

    We’ve been incorporating people lately, making the team pictures here on the website now out of date. So meanwhile, here is a picture of the full team we took today (minus external collaborators):


    On the technical side, we now have a scalable, redundant, load-balancing server architecture, distributed across several data centers, that lets our infrastructure adapt dynamically to the traffic requirements, and that allows our apps and services to survive unplanned outages of different parts of the system while staying up and fully working to our customers. We have also improved the compatibility of our applications, supporting more phone models, and being able to work around more carrier-connectivity issues. And we are now working in making our framework more flexible, allowing us to design and implement the applications for our customers better and in less time.

    We hope to have several more announcements in the near future, and please keep sending us feedback about our apps, it’s invaluable to make them better!

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